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Kind Words: Testimonial


We hired ANA Trio for our October wedding and couldn't have been happier! We had 150 guests and a ton of moving pieces between complex flower arrangements, really large grounds at our venue with different locations, lots of coordination between vendors and setup for the day of - Alisha was incredible. She asked a ton of great questions, was always organized and prepared and kept everyone in line. She came and helped with setup a few days beforehand and made sure she understood every single detail for the day. It went off without a hitch! It was amazing knowing I didn't have to worry about a single thing that day because she had everything under control and would ensure that the day was executed without a hitch. We can't recommend her enough!



Alisha’s attention to detail and personal touches were invaluable. I was so fortunate to be introduced to her and can personally attest to how she takes someone’s vision and makes it real. 100% would hire her for all future events requiring event coordination, design, or planning. Alisha took a weekend of challenges and pulled off the perfect day. With time to spare an outdoor wedding became an intimate indoor event and it was hard to picture the intentions being any different from the start. Alisha made the day organized and fun despite a hurricane determined to make its presence known! She channeled our vibe and aesthetic perfectly!



My husband and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Alisha with ANA Trio Solutions. Alisha is extremely professional and provided quality customer service. She went above and beyond the call of duty. She attended the walk-through with us, organized the most detailed day-of plan, lit candles for us for centerpieces, set kids bags for our kids table, and most importantly made sure all of our vendors arrived on time and did their part! We received wonderful feedback from family and friends on her professionalism. She is someone who works well under pressure and I am certain that she can handle any unplanned obstacle that comes her way. She is just the best and we cannot recommend her enough! Please, please ask her about her "go-bag!" She is prepared for anything!

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Alisha helped my husband and I to plan what was ultimately the best day of our lives. We had a blast and it would have been impossible without Alisha. We interviewed a number of wedding planners at the start of what ended up being a whirlwind journey. Other wedding planners tried to manage our expectations. "If this is your budget, then you will be limited..." they would say. Alisha was incredibly optimistic while being realistic at the same time. She told us that she would not put anything in front of us that we could not afford, and she didn't. I'm so glad I advocated for her as our planner. She wasn't just professional, and organized, and creative, she is also an advocate for the couple and what the couple wants on their big day. Alisha loves love, and we love Alisha. If you are planning a wedding, you need this woman. Hire her.



Hiring Alisha as our day-of coordinator was the best decision we made for our wedding. She was incredible to work with throughout, and her expertise allowed everyone to have a stress-free day. If I could have her run my life, I would. Look no further, just hire her.



Alisha is an AMAZING wedding planner! She did all of the planning and logistics for our mutual friend's wedding - from the bridal shower, to the bachelorette party and the big day...she thought of it all! Might I add that the day of the wedding the weather took a terrible turn. Alisha was able to put together a rain-day back up plan and arrange all new logistics flawlessly within just a days notice. Use ANA Trio Solutions for your event and wedding planning needs!



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